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TAKE ACTION: The 15% Pledge

TAKE ACTION: There's a lot of work to be done when it comes to Black representation within the fashion and beauty industries. Part of that work starts on the shelves and racks of some of our favorite retailers. Last week, @Brothervellies designer @AuroraJames announced a new 15% Pledge (@15percentpledge). For a multitude of reasons, Black-owned businesses are often overlooked by retail buyers. The mission of the pledge is to change that by getting major retailers to agree to stock 15% of their shelf space with Black-owned businesses. ⁣

WHO HAS TAKEN THE PLEDGE? I know you're curious because these are the companies you want to spend your money with! The list of brands that have taken the pledge grows everyday. Currently (as of June 2021) the list includes: Sephora, Moda Operandi, West Elm, J. Crew, and others. You can click here to see the full list.

HOW CAN YOU TAKE THE PLEDGE AS AN INDIVIDUAL? Take the 15% Pledge Consumer Commitment. Take inventory of your spending power. Be aware of how and and with whom you spend our dollar. Pledge to spend at least 15% of your monthly personal budget supporting Black businesses whether that's retail, at restaurants or other goods and services.

Black people account for 15% of the US population and providing opportunities for more Black-owned businesses could put millions of dollars back into and black communities. For more information on the 15% Pledge and to sign the petition, visit


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