Mae Jones Teams Up With Informa Markets Fashion For Change To Highlight Black Designers

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With the Black Lives Matter movement in early June, Informa Markets Fashion (one of the largest fashion trade shows in the world) took pause to listen and to learn. Like many other businesses, they realized they could and should do more to better support Black-owned brands and designers. In response, they created the ‘Informa Markets Fashion For Change’ incubator program as a means to provide a platform for Black talent, which is often overlooked in the fashion industry from the sales perspective. It's about visibility. Giving these designers this platform allows more retailers and buys to shop their collections and carry them in their stores.

Mae Jones Magazine collaborated with the MAGIC, COTERIE, PROJECT, CHILDREN’S CLUB and MICAM Americas (the trade shows produced by Informa Markets Fashion) to produce a moving visual and introduce the first 10 Brands selected to participate in the IMFC incubator program.

Thank you to the talented Devin Joplin for creating such a wonderful video and to the entire team who helped produce it.

Click here to read more about the program and the featured designers.