TRENDS: The Color Peach

PEACHY QUEEN: Let's take a moment to honor the perfect Spring to Summer color with a collection of peach, guaranteed not to kill your vibe. #MaeJonesTrends


No. 1: High Waisted Bikini via @andreaiyamah, Peach Please Matte Lipstick Duo @mentedcosmetics, Costume Gemstone Earrings via @area

No. 2: High Waisted Bikini via @andreaiyamah

No. 3: Peach Please Matte Lipstick Duo @mentedcosmetics

No. 4: Robe via @fenoel

No. 5: Costume Gemstone Earrings via @area

No. 6: Bike Shoe via @Brothervellies

No. 7: Soul Glo Nail Polish via @peopleofcolorbeauty

No. 8: @Cushnie (for @Target*) ⁣

*While we are thrilled that Cushnie has become the first black luxury designer to collaborate with @Target in this way and we want to support that accomplishment in any way that we can, we'd love for Target to take the @15precentpledge and agree to stock 15% of their shelves with Black-owned businesses. ⁣

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