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Eugena Washington | Model

A conversation about coronavirus quarantine, the modeling industry and self-care with out July editorial model Eugena Washington.

MJ: Overall, how have you been coping with the Coronavirus quarantine?

EW: I’m doing good! I talk to my family a LOT now, I been doing some stress free traveling, I’m developing a relationship with my Dad that I never had before, my body is in tip top shape. I finally found my purpose and discovered a new love for my career. I would LOVE to be having some consistent sex right now but that’s out. Other than that, I’m great.

MJ: How have you been able to stay creative and express yourself during this time at home?

EW: I’m a visual person so creativity has been tricky for me while in confinement. But I pick up my camera occasionally. I remembered I love to sew so I started up cycling old clothes and buying new ones. I finally decorated my room which was fun- made it sexy... painted my walls black. Sometimes I do short dramatic films around my house and I’m trying to get into TicTok but honestly the kidz are so good I’m scared.

Photographed by Alex Duckworth for Mae Jones Magazine

MJ: Many are calling this time period the world’s official “RESET” button. What does that idea mean to you?

EW: Pre-COVID I was SO stressed and putting a lot of pressure on myself to “perform” but in reality I moving fast and going nowhere. Plus, I was recovering from a breakup so there was a lot of self doubt and I was feeling completely overwhelmed. When coronavirus hit, it took all the pressure off. I had time to breath, cry, lick my wounds, refocus, and rediscover what matters most to me in MY life.

MJ: How have you spent this time to focus on your own personal development and self-care?

EW: Personal development for me is expressing myself unapologetically without shame. And being consistent. I’m TRYING. Really, I just started putting myself and my feelings FIRST- and stopped caring about what people think or expect of me. I was unhappy for a long time thinking my worth was in people pleasing and life saving- but I’m greater than menial servitude. All people, places, and things that bother me get cut off and I could care less what happens after that.

Eugena goes into greater details about her self-care journey in a Mae Jones interview collaboration with the Self-Care IRL podcast hosted by Ty Alexander. Eugena talks about her mission to show women how to love themselves intimately and unconditionally by sharing her own personal journey of love and acceptance.

Click HERE to listen to Eugena and Ty's entire conversation.

Self Care IRL is part of the Mayzie Media Podcasting Network

MJ: What meaningful change would you like to see from the conversations the industry is currently having regarding race?

EW: That there is a need for our Black faces in all marketing, advertising, and retail spaces. It’s only logical. I was always told there was no need for me, but that’s changing and I’m almost satisfied.


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