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Kelly Augustine | Stylist

As the Mae Jones #ChroniclesOfQuarantine series continues, Kelly Augustine gives us the details on how she's spending her time at home. ⁣⁣


NAME: Kelly Augustine (@kellyaugustineb )⁣⁣

WHAT HER IG BIO SAYS ABOUT HER: BX boo + Fashun + Marketer + @augustraye (owner) ⁣⁣


MJ: Overall, how are you coping with quarantine? ⁣⁣

KA: I'm doing surprisingly well, considering the circumstances. Work has been going ok and I haven't completely lost my mind yet, so that's cool. ⁣⁣


MJ: What are you reading and/or watching? ⁣⁣

KA: Yenno, at the beginning of all of this I just knew I was going to be reading so many books but I haven't touched one yet! I just finished "Hollywood" on Netflix and "Upload" on Amazon Prime and they were both pretty good. Acting was cheesy, but the concepts were amazing. ⁣⁣


MJ: Be honest, do you have a go-to quarantine uniform that you wear way too often? ⁣⁣

KA: I've been sticking to leggings + sports bra + kimono OR a flowy kaftan/dress. I've been really tapping into my Aunty style during the pandemic. ⁣⁣


MJ: What are the skincare products getting you through? ⁣⁣

KA: Witch hazel and rosehip oil. That's it. ⁣⁣


MJ: What's one thing you're happy you're doing more of now that you have the time? ⁣⁣

KA: Go food shopping! I've been pretty loyal to Instacart and Amazon Fresh for years. This is the first time in a long time I've actually gone and shopped for myself. It's so therapeutic, and I actually get ideas for meals as I'm walking through the market. ⁣⁣


MJ: What one lesson will you take away from this quarantine experience? ⁣⁣

KA: That things can change at the drop of a hat. I have been likening pre-COVID to the Clinton Administration - we were too good, feeling too confident. Flexibility is key, and this period has really reminded me how to lean into that. ⁣⁣


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