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BLK ART: Lindsay Adams

A beautiful piece of art is like statement jewelry that accessorize your home. Mae Jones celebrates the Black creative and is completely obsessed with the work of visual artist, Lindsay Adams. Her use of bold colors and paint to create textures on the canvas really bring her paintings to life.

We're really drawn to Lindsay's quarantine series which, as her site states, documents the "perils of the pandemic. Life has shown itself to be a lot simpler and more complex in the same breath. Social distance feels a bit like isolation. Between news articles, and the increasing death tolls, expression has served itself well. Life does often influence art and "the 'Quarantine Chronicles' explores the emotion, resilience, and unease of living through these unprecedented times of a pandemic, political unease, and racial unrest. Each piece captures a different emotion through self portraiture, while evoking connection through shared experiences."

Click here to learn more about Lindsay Adams and to shop her work.


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