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Nine Champagnes to Try This Season

'Tis the season for bubbly! While our Holiday season might look a little different this year, there's still reason enough to celebrate... we survived 2020! Allow champagne lifestyle guru and wine educator Davon D.E. Hatchett, aka “The Bubbleista,” show you the 9 essential champagnes and sparkling

wines that every woman should keep on hand. Take notes and stock up!

The Mae Jones woman is all about quality—in her clothing, her beauty products, her

relationships, and most certainly in her bubbly. A peek in her wine collection often

reveals a savvy sipper with a well-curated champagne and sparkling wine stash, stocked

with a variety of bottles sufficient to suit every occasion, and every palate. Wondering what exactly should the bottles in that savvy collection be, you ask? I’ve got you covered, of course!

A traditional non-vintage blend and Black-owned brand.

Marvina Robinson’s love for champagne began in college when she’d pool money with

her friends to buy a single bottle they’d all share. Years later she when she dreamed of

opening her own champagne bar, she had the genius idea of creating her very own

private house champagne to serve in it. Thus, Stuyvesant champagne (named in honor

of her beloved Brooklyn neighborhood Bedford-Stuyvesant) was born.

Comprised of the 3 traditional grape varieties that are used to create a champagne blend

(Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay), this traditional blend works for any occasion.

Notes: The wine’s aromas are a “floral bouquet releases scents of fresh flowers,” and the

palate “picks up the flavors of apple and gingerbread.” –Stuyvesant Champagne

A traditional non-vintage rosé. Launched by famous New York restauranteur Rita Jammet, La Caravelle champagne (named after her eponymous restaurant La Caravelle) is “everything you’d want in a classic champagne” minus the high price points.

“Evokes hints of cherry, almond, red currant, pomegranate and fennel, resulting in a complex, round and fresh taste in the mouth. Ideal as apéritif; will perfectly accompany an entire menu from salmon to white/even darker meats, as well as pair particularly well with desserts featuring red berries." –La Caravelle

Not all good sparkling needs to be from France to be fabulous! This brand spanking new

bubbly was so popular upon its initial release this summer that it sold out in days!

Getting your hands on some may prove difficult, BUT the Mae Jones woman is never afraid of a challenge: rumor has it that you just may be able to snag some by signing up

for their newsletter (but you’ll have to be quick)!

“Top notes of sweet clove and subtle cedar punctuate predominant bouquet of tuberose

and trumpet flower. Effervescent mandarin, grenadine, baked Asian pear, and Chantilly

cream with subtle baked pastry. Pairs well with lobster rolls, crab cakes, fried chicken &

waffles, oysters on the half shell.” – Brown Estate

This champagne is the white wine lovers! Blanc de Blancs (“BdB”) translates from

French to English as “white of whites,” meaning wine white in color, that’s made solely

from white grapes. In champagne’s case that means Chardonnay. BdB champagnes are

often elegant and structured, with delicious mouthwatering acidity.

Just released for the first time last year, the Laurent Perrier BdB is described as

“[o]ffering up aromas of citrus fruit, green apple, oyster shell and warm bread, the wine

is medium to full-bodied, lively and precise, with a bright spine of ripe acidity and a

delicately chalky finish.” –Robert Parker, Jr

The winemaker suggests paring it alongside sea bass with salt crust; scallops; and grilled

calamari marinated with lemon, thyme, and olive oil.

Blanc de Noirs (“BdN”) translates to “white from blacks,” which means champagnes that

are made from 100% dark grapes (like Pinot Noir and/or Pinot Meunier), but that are

still is white in color. With no Chardonnay used to make these bubbles, BdN champagne

typically charms the red wine lover’s palate.

Pinot Meunier has traditionally been the lesser known grape of the 3 main grape

varieties used in champagne production but is finally starting to get some well-deserved

shine with some champagne house making champagnes from 100% Pinot Meunier.

“…aromas of dried red berries, orange pith, anise and jasmine. Shows…redcurrant and

blood orange flavors, with repeating floral character and slow-building smokiness.

–Josh Raynolds, Vinous Media

There are just some events, occasions, and celebrations that are just so significant that

only pulling out a “big gun” champagne bottle will suffice!

Krug is that champagne. Krug is one of those champagnes that is revered by

Sommeliers, collectors, and critics alike, and the champagne house enjoys one of the

highest regarded reputations in the Champagne region. Krug champagnes are aged at

least 10 years (7 years longer than most champagnes), is blended from exceptional

reserve wines, and are known for being layered, rich, and absolutely delicious.

At the end of 2019, the Krug appointed is 1st woman, Julie Cavil, as the Maison’s Chef

du Cave. A Chef de Cave is responsible for, and in charge of, the champagne making

process. With a woman in charge, that means Krug can only get even better.

Your everyday rose! The Mae Jones babe knows that there doesn’t need to be a special reason to crack open a bottle of bubbles other than she just feels like it/ is known to pop open a bottle of bubbly just because it’s Tuesday and she feels like it, so having a good quality that only sets a

lady back a $20 spot is just the ticket.

Chic enough to know she doesn’t need a special occasion to enjoy a moment of luxe

indulgence, and smart enough to know that luxury isn’t necessarily tied to a certain

price point.

“Fruity nose, blending notes of citrus and small red fruits, the bubbles are soft and

pleasant. Its well-balanced with voluptuousness and hints of red currents and pomelos,

complemented by a nice acidity on the finish.” –LVE Wines

Whether you’re sipping solo or entertaining a couple of girlfriends, sometimes you want

to keep things casual with bubbly cocktails. So rather than breaking out a $40 or $50(+)

sparkler, instead grab a less expensive bottle that still possesses stellar quality.

Enter Franciacorta, an Italian sparkling wine that gives champagne a real run for its

money--both figuratively in terms of quality, and literally in terms of price. This champagne

is perfect for making mimosas!

The Contaldi Castaldi is made from mostly Chardonnay (80%) and has a “[v]ery toasty

nose and an attractive, creamy palate with a juicy finish...” (James Suckling) that has

“peach, pear and white flower aromas and flavors with elegant bubbles and a silky

mouthfeel.” (Bottle Shop)

This Franciacorta make the perfect, delicious foundation for mimosas, bellinis, French

75s, and a host of other fizzy cocktails. Plus, you’ll sound super cool knowing about (and

saying) Franciacorta.

No. 9 - Sapiens Sparkling rosé $38.00

When a Mae Jones woman entertains—whether she’s entertaining a group or just

herself (after all, she makes the best company)—she’s prepared for everything, even if

it’s someone who may be abstaining from alcohol (i.e. pregnant guests, someone on a

diet, or folks who just don’t want to drink it) altogether. She’s the kind that doesn’t want

anyone to feel left out, which is why having a well-made, non-alcoholic bubbly on hand

consistently makes her the consummate hostess.

Made of 100% Tempranillo, it “pairs best with: salads, cheeses, and light pastas.”

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