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Summer Beauty Must Haves

By: Makeup Artist Renee Loiz

With so many new beauty products popping up almost everyday, it can get overwhelming. So, to simplify your beauty overload, I've curated a few choice products to carry you all the way through summer.

Let’s start out with NoorFace Skin Glass because let me tell you, this product will have you walking around with that #goldenhourglow!!! Not only does this face oil have healing ingredients for your skin like grapeseed, jojoba seed, and neem seed oil, there are also finely milled golden pigments added in to give you the ultimate glow. Personally, I prefer to apply Skin Glass before and after my foundation application to ensure I have the skin of a golden cherub.

Golds and bronzes are two colors that compliment each other beautifully and are always my go-to’s for gorgeous summer skin. I like to pair golden, radiant skin with Tower28 Bronzino, an illuminating cream bronzer—sans shimmer—that melts perfectly into skin. The texture is like buttah! Use it as a sun-kissed highlighter or contour and enhance cheekbones. This bronzer is multipurpose, so sky’s the limit!

Is there ever a such thing as too much glow? Um, never that! But sometimes too much glow can get a little too gooey and sticky and we don’t want that. Enter CTZN GloBalm—a  lightweight, smooth and silky textured balm, that glides effortlessly onto eyelids creating that sought after wet makeup look. Most importantly it stays put, which is key in this summer heat.

Now to balance out all that glow, I’m vv into rocking a vibrant-hued matte lipstick. My faves are the Power Woman Essentials Liquid Lipsticks from Bossy Beauty. These five shades ranging from poppy to blackberry have got me caught up! And most importantly they don’t dry out your lips and have mega staying power. A win-win in my book.

Renee Loiz is a Los Angeles based makeup artist and creator of Color May Vary.


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