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The Glow-Up: Your Best Summer Skin

By: Makeup Artist Renee Loiz

Summer skin is coming in hot, thanks to these Black-Owned Beauty Brands fully representing. They're literally taking the term glow-up to the next level and I am here for it! If you’re looking for that summer glow, these products won’t let you down. Keep reading for my favorite products and a few summer skin tips!

Achieving that perfect summer skin should always start with exfoliating. Buff Her Strawberry Lemon Facial Scrub gets rid of dead skills and evens out your skin tone. Exfoliating also helps skincare products get deeper into your skin and work more effectively. They can’t do that if your skin is clogged! So please exfoliate, you and your skincare products will thank me later! 

Now, speaking of skincare products, let’s get into Yanzy Glow Face Serum. Packed with all organic, good-for-your-skin ingredients like the coveted Rosehip Seed Oil and Turmeric, this serum is about to be the best thing you’ve ever given your skin. Both of these super-ingredients even out skin tone, brighten acne scars, are anti-inflammatory and anti-aging. After cleansing, apply a few drops of the serum to your face and press in to help do its job. Use morning and night for maximum summer skin benefits.

OK, so first and foremost, Mad Moisture Beauty Glow Illuminating Face Mist is the most delicious scented face mist ever! Now, let’s put that aside for a moment and unpack all the goodness this product will bring to your summer skin. Almond oil is the main ingredient that’s giving your skin literal mad moisture while aloe vera and an herby combo have teamed up for that illuminating glow. Spray before or after you apply your face serum, or be like me and just spray it all day long for a healthy glow and because it just smells so good!!

Lastly, protect your neck, face, and everything else with my absolute favorite skin protectant, Black Girl Sunscreen. It goes on like a lotion and melts right into your skin, leaving no trace of white residue. My goodness, finally! And as an added bonus, there are no harmful ingredients, chemicals, or parabens hanging out in this sunscreen. It’s good for your skin and that goes for all shades. Yes, Black people get sunburned too and we need to make wearing a sunscreen a habit that we never break.

Images by Alex Duckworth for Mae Jones Magazine


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