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LIP SERVICE: Products For Your Lips

By: Makeup Artist Renee Loiz

It’s time for a little lip product focus, amirite? Let’s begin with Lashalo Beaute’s Real Lip Kit. As much as we take care of our skin, we often forget to care for our lips. But using their moisturizing brown sugar scrub followed with their hydrating overnight lip oil leaves your lips so soft, you’ll never ever neglect your pout again!

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb is yes, literally the bomb. Between their seven colors that look beautiful on every shade and silky smooth formula that glides on effortlessly, Gloss Bomb hails as my top pick for lip gloss. My go-to color is Fenty Glow, a rose nude that glimmers in the sunlight.

Speaking of nudes, as a WOC, I find it so challenging to find my perfect nude lipstick color. Often times they look too chalky and don’t match darker skin tones at all. But you know who got it all the way right? Propa Beauty did with their 12 lipstick shades ranging from soft plums to toasted chestnuts. The formula goes on super smooth and has an intense color payoff. I am so into these lipsticks and so excited Propa Beauty did this for us!

Now if you’re looking to rock brightly hued mattes, The Lip Bar has got you covered. Their liquid lipsticks are glossy when applied and then dry down to a matte texture. The range of colors are easy on the eyes which makes it so hard to choose one over the other. In this case, I’m not picking favorites, they’re all going into my makeup bag! But OK, OK, Haute Mess, a vibrant poppy red, Prima Donna, a deep violet, and Savage, a chocolatey red would be my top 3 picks!


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