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Four Reasons NOT To Sleep In Your Makeup

By Makeup Artist and Skincare Expert Tamra Marie

It’s 4AM and you’re ready to crash sans brushing your teeth, flossing, and lemme guess - removing your makeup definitely ain’t happenin’ - we’ve all been there!  But in a world of constant judging, would you really ever admit to sleeping in your makeup? Pause. Don’t answer that - but as a Pro Makeup Artist who’s obsessed with skin health, this definitely ranks as a cardinal sin. 

Lemme explain why?

Image by Lauren Napier Beauty

A lot of skin sins happen when we sleep in our makeup - you ask such as:

Well, makeup physically blocks our pores, can be the “trap house” for oil from leaving the skin (uhhh, hello breakout)!  adding, this type of poor skin behavior can cause environmental stressors; skin inflammation; redness; bottom line irritation or heck infection.  Now we all know the girls that will apply a touch of eyeliner for bed for that "sexy/slept in-look” they sleep in their makeup intentionally because going bare in front of their partner, can’t happen.  Talking about dependency, eek!  I get wanting to have bedroom eyes but let’s weigh the entire cost here - lol!

Like I said, nobody is here for the 3 i’s: (inflammation, irritation or infection).  When I’m working with Clients I talk about the affects of sleeping in cosmetics.  Clients don’t realize that wrinkles, acne/breakouts, dry skin, clogged pores, broken eyelashes and oh so common chapped lips can be tied to sleeping in your makeup.  Really? Yup…

“Get into this tea:”

Wrinkles are caused by loss or broken down collagen resulting in aged skin.

Acne/Breakouts is caused by clogged pores and bacteria buildup. 

Dry skin can’t get nourished if makeup is in the way, (ie. makeup can be a barrier to that bomb ass moisturizer you bought)

Broken lashes happen when mascara is left on too long; overnight leads to brittle broken/short lashes - who wants that!? 

Sleeping with any type of lipstick will result in dryness/chapping, not to mention a disaster for your pillowcase!

P’sssss lean in - this is a safe space, and I do my best not to judge but even in my most tiredest state of mind, at the very least I’ll reach for a facial cleansing wipe.  My absolute, hands down favorite is the Lauren Napier brand . These beauties do the trick, because they are gentle, yet effective and ooooh the luxe metallic packaging will have you swooning. They never dry out because they are individually wrapped - what more can a girl ask for!  Shout out, “Lauren” the creator; my bff in my head & heart. 

“Now I’ve said what I said, I’m off my soap box…so if you refuse to go bed makeup-free Sis that’s your business! “

ABOUT: Tamra Marie is a makeup artist and skincare expert based in California. Click here for more!


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